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-> | European Research Council (ERC)

The ERC's mission is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields, on the basis of scientific excellence.

-> | Institute of German Language and Literature

The Institute of German Language and Literature at Universität Hamburg combines competencies in linguistics and literary studies. Research and teaching are closely connected and include a wide range of topics and methods.

-> | Open Access Portal
Logo Open Access

The portal of Universität Hamburg presents video and demo material, analysed in “The Literariness of Media Art“, published by Claudia Benthien, Jordis Lau and Maraike M. Marxsen.

-> | INSL

The International Network for the Study of Lyric (INSL) encourages the interdisciplinary study of poetry, lyric and verse in various languages, forms, media, and functions. Every two years the INSL organizes an international meeting on the theory of poetry.

-> | Poetry in Notions
Poetry in Notions

The aim of the project, based at the Universities of Lausanne, Fribourg and Paris (Cergy-Pontoise), is to create a digital, intermedial and centralized reference work for the theory of lyric poetry: concepts, their history in culture and scientific theory, across several languages, literatures and theoretical traditions.

-> | Poetry off the Page

The research project at Universität Wien considers, among other things, the aesthetic and semantic potential of oral performance, alternative institutional structures and publication channels, etc., that have emerged from the performance scene.

-> | Transformationen des Populären

The DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 1472 "Transformationen des Populären" at Universität Siegen is dedicated to processes of the dissolution of boundaries of the popular in the three areas of 'pop', 'popularization' and 'populisms'.

-> | Graduiertenkolleg Gegenwart/Literatur

The aim of the graduate school at Universität Bonn is to investigate the constitutive elements of the concept of 'contemporary literature' in a comparative perspective.

-> | Schreibweisen der Gegenwart
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The research project at Universität Greifswald explores the interdependencies of reflections on time and literary techniques in the digital age, hence responding to a new focus on the present in literary texts and cultural criticism that has not previously been the subject of intensive research.

-> | Stiftung Lyrik Kabinett

The Lyrik Kabinett (Munich) promotes poetry and activities involving poetry. It champions poetry of all languages and ages and creates a place for its safekeeping.

-> | Haus für Poesie

The Haus für Poesie (Berlin) opens up dialogue with the audience, promoting access to poetry and understanding of poetry and its forms among the public.

-> | Netzwerk Lyrik

Poets, translators, publicists, scholars, institutions as well as independent organizers have united in the "Netzwerk Lyrik" (poetry network) to promote and strengthen the arts section of poetry in its multiple manifestations.


-> | Lyrikkritik

lyrikkritik is a platform for lyricists, poets and critics who deal with literature and poetry in particular in very different ways.


-> | Lyrikline
Logo Lyrikline

Lyrikline is an initiative of the Haus für Poesie. The online platform brings together the text of the poem, the poet’s voice, the rhythm and sound of the poem, and translations into other languages.

-> | PennSound
Logo Pennsound

PennSound offers an extensive online poetry archive that provides free and downloadable recordings by poets.

-> | Poetry Sound Library

The Poetry Sound Library is a interactive world map of poets reading their own poems. There one can listen to hundreds of poets from the past as well as contemporary ones from all over the planet.

-> | Forschungsprojekt Digitale Sprache

The project “Digital Language. Linguistics, Communication Research, and Poetics in the Early Information Age” at the ZfL (Berlin) examines the connections between digitality and natural language from a broad epistemological perspective.

-> | Poetic Language and Ordinary Speech
russian academy of science

The Project “Poetic Language and Ordinary speech in the Age of New Media: a Corpus-based Discourse Analysis” at the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow addresses the issue of linguistic pragmatics of the contemporary poetic discourse, which actively interacts with ordinary speech in the age of new media.

-> | Forschungsgruppe Lyrik in Transition
Schriftzug Lyrik in Transition

The project at Universität Trier investigates a key feature of contemporary poetry: transition in its multiple forms and functions. It is primarily concerned with the boundaries of genre(s), language(s), culture(s), and society(ies).

-> | Centre for Research in Contemporary Poetry

The Center for Research in Contemporary Poetry at Universität Aalborg focuses on the recent explosive development in the production, distribution and reception of poetry.

-> | Rhythmicalizer

Situated at Freie Universität Berlin, the project's aim is to develop a method and a tool for prosody detection and formal corpus analysis, focused on modern free verse poetry.

-> | Warburg-Haus
warburg haus

The Warburg-Haus in Hamburg is an interdisciplinary forum for art and cultural studies. As an institution of the Aby Warburg Foundation in cooperation with the University of Hamburg, it is dedicated to research in the history of the humanities and culture and has an impact on the public through the socio-political relevance of its topics and methods.


-> | Literaturhaus Hamburg

The Literaturhaus Hamburg is dedicated to literary mediation and the organization of literary events. In the fall of 2021, the venue hosted the second Poetry Debate on the topic of “Twitter, Instagram & Co: Poetry and socio-political activism”. The cooperation is to be continued in the further term of the project.

-> | Thalia Theater / Nachtasyl

The Thalia Theater Hamburg is one of Hamburg's three major state theaters. The Nachtasyl, the theater bar located under the roof of the theater, is scheduled as a venue for the upcoming Poetry Debates series in the fall of 2022.

-> | Kampnagel

The international production house in Hamburg presents contemporary performing arts as well as concerts, conferences and a variety of different festivals. A cooperation within the framework of the Poetry Debates is planned for 2022.

-> | Katholische Akademie Hamburg

The Katholische Akademie Hamburg is an institution for education and encounters in Hamburg, where various event formats on society's topics take place. In the fall of 2021, it hosted the fourth Poetry Debate on the topic of “Poems as Interventions in Political Crises: the Case of Belarus”. Further collaborations are planned.

| Poetry Society of America
poetry society

The Poetry Society of America is a literary society in America founded by poets, literary scholars and publishers. Its goal is to promote poetry and its understanding in everyday life. To this end, it awards scholarships, organizes events and presents literary prizes. The visibility of poetry in the public sphere is also a concern.


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