-> | “Poetik der Seifenblasen”

Claudia Benthien and Antje Schmidt. “Poetik der Seifenblasen: Schaum als Motiv, Materie und autopoietische Substanz in Lyrik und Künsten der Gegenwart”. KulturPoetik. Journal for Cultural Poetics 22.2 (2022): 150–178.

-> | “Aesthetics of Sonic Experimentation”

Vadim Keylin. “I make noise therefore I am: Aesthetics of sonic experimentation in participatory art and culture”. Sonic Engagement: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Community Engaged Audio Practice. Ed. by Sarah Woodland and Wolfgang Vachon. London: Routledge, 2022. 177–189. 

-> | “Unter der Oberfläche?”

Wiebke Vorrath. “Unter der Oberfläche? Programmierte Schriftlichkeit in digitaler Lyrik”. Schriftlichkeit. Aktivität, Agentialität und Aktanten der Schrift. Ed. by Martin Bartelmus and Alexander Nebrig. Bielefeld: transcript, 2022. 55–68.

-> | Poetry Debates
poetry-debates 640x273

The first Poetry Debates Series “The Politics of Poetry” was held in the fall 2021. In the fall 2022 the second series, “Poetry and Technology,” will take place.

-> | Conference SP1
tagung 640x273

The second conference "Audioliterary Poetry between Performance and Mediatization", will be held on May 11-13, 2022.

-> | Workshop on Poetry Slam and Spoken Word
Workshop PoetryDA

In the winter term 2022/23 a workshop on Poetry Slam and Spoken Word will be held at Universität Hamburg organized by our colleague Dr. Henrik Wehmeier in cooperation with PD Dr. Martina Pfeiler of the ERC research project “Poetry off the Page” (University of Vienna).


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